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Voucher with interest

Voucher with interest - this is how it works

Looking for an idea to make someone happy or treat yourself? How about an SJG coupon with interest? Our online vouchers can be redeemed for the entire Sandsjögården Holiday Resort offer and SJG Adventures offer from Northern Adventures & Resorts.

Step by step booking

Please select the number of vouchers in the corresponding interest rate model, then select the voucher value.

In the summary you can check the selected products again, then press "Buy now". In the next step, the contact details must be stored before payment can be made. The process can be interrupted at any time by closing the booking page.

After successful payment, a purchase confirmation will be sent by email. If the voucher is to be redeemed, please print out the ticket and present it at Sandsjögården's reception.

If you require a longer interest period or a different amount, please contact us viae-mail.


Let time and your holiday budget work for you!

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