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Sommer Adventures am Sandsjönsee sind geprägt von Wasser, Wandern und Biken, in der letzten Wildnis Europas in Nordschweden

Summer adventures

Our summer adventures at lake sandsjön

Summer in the north Swedish inland of Västerbotten means 24 hours of daylight in June and July. Nature literally explodes in its short growth phase and the animals also keep their resting phases very short and individually. Life is now in full swing day and night. If we experience arctic temperatures of around minus 30 degrees in winter, temperatures over +30 degrees are also not unusual in summer. Europe's last wilderness now presents itself with all facets.

Our summer activities at Lake Sandsjön are characterized by water, hiking or bike adventures.

You decide whether we accompany and guide you, or whether we only provide you with the material and you go out into nature yourself. Only our sled dog adventures take place exclusively with a guide, so that we can ensure your safety and that of the dogs in all circumstances!

Einsam die Ruhe und Weite auf dem Wasser geniessen, z.B. mit dem Standup Paddleboard, ist keine Seltenheit am Sandsjönsee in Nordschweden.

Get out there - Europe's last wilderness awaits you!

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